Albizzate’s vineyards

Albizzate’s vineyards

The Farm has its heart in Albizzate on the row of glacial hills that orient parallel to the Arno Varesino valley from north to south with optimal exposure to the southeast at about 350 m above sea level. To the north, the mountain Sacro Monte and the mount Campo dei Fiori, on September afternoons, bring down a breeze that lowers temperatures along the valley. It generates a thermal gradient between day and night that facilitates the maturation of grapes and acquisition of perfumes that we find then in wines. To the west dominates the Monte Rosa massif and to the east opens the view of the valley with the villages of Albizzate, Carnago and Solbiate on the top of the hills.

Albizzate is famous for the Viscounteo Oratory with its medieval frescoes and the Castle.

The Albizzate’s vineyard consists of Nebbiolo and Merlot vines with small amounts of Syrah, Vespolina, Freisa and Croatina for reds and Chardonnay, Erbaluce and small amounts of Riesling and Malvasia for whites.

Chestnut trees natural plantation in Arsago Seprio – Ticino River Natural Park

The Wine Farm Laghi d’ Insubria has recovered a Chestnut trees forest in the municipality of Arsago Seprio in the Ticino River Natural Park with the patronage authority of the Ticino Park. The intervention is aimed at recovering a culture typical of the Insubre territory and its cultural inducement. We produce in a natural and artisanal way, without the use of any chemical or mechanized processing, dried chestnuts that are then used for the production of Chestnut Beer.

The chestnut tree forest of Arsago Seprio is located in a SIC (Site of European Community Interest) place , characterized by large high-stem forests, numerous ponds and the Strona river and is the site of passage of migrant fauna.

It is located in an area of ancient archaeological relevance, close to the stilts site of the Lagozza di Besnate, the sites of the Celtic necropolis and the longobarda necropolis of Arsago Seprio, as well as the Romanesque complex of San Vittore.

Vineyard in Gattinara

The wine Farm Laghi d’Insubria owns also a vineyard in Gattinara located in Castelle Hill. The Historical Zone of Gattinara Production, called “Castelle”, is a “crou” of Gattinara and takes its name from the remains of a castle of the Longobard era around which the vineyards develop. It is a dominant area in the high hill, at the outlet of Val Sesia, with exceptional exposure to the southwest overlooking Mount Rosa, the Monviso Mountain and the Vercellese plain with its rice paddies.

The exceptional  quality of the Nebbiolo grapes of this area makes the red wine  obtained excellent.